The Need to Amputate EP             Anti-Work Songs Comp.

The Yellow Linoleum                                 Customer Service Nightmare
Foreign Markets                                         Industrial Carpetbagging
Euro Peon Crap Unity
The Bike Milita                                          Sanjam Split CD
Dogs Out of Rock
In Memory of...                                          The War Tonight
                                                                  How Would You Fucking Like It?
                                                                 What You Don't Consume
Cop Corpse Bonfire EP                  A Problem of Olympic Proportions
                                                                  Name and Face
The Cop Corpse Bonfire                            Industrial Carpetbagging
Immigration=Masturbation                         20.5
The Chipmills of Appalachia                      Bike Punx!
Ode to Employee Theft                              Customer Service Nightmare
Those Locked Away                                (Employment is the Opiate of the Masses)
Customer Service Nightmare                     Imperial Monetary Fiasco
Liberal Scum                                            Abyss of Mass Culture
                                                                Falling Short
                                                                 Angry White Promise Keepers
                                                                Break the Blackout
                                                                 Rod Coronado Freedom Fighter


The Yellow Linoleum 

Stinky boys pissing on the missing floor
and I don't want nothing dragging in the water
stand and drip and piss some more
flying around in golden arches
on the ground
It would've, should've, could've hit the bowl
but oh hell no
We're standing dumb we're pissing proud
When she said to sit my ass down
I could've died I don't know why
she took the last bus out of town
or who will clean the toilets now

Foreign Markets

Shipping away, there's hungry mouths to feed
shipping away to poor economies shipping away
helping them help themselves
Yes, we're getting away with murder no one knows
We're foreign market bound
to shit on hallowed ground
Shipping away, been waiting all them years
now we're shipping away our Camels, Coke and beer
We're shipping away a culture one can buy
so they'll learn to obey in third world paradise
and hats off to our dear fellow countrymen
to our most extensive empire...

Euro Peon Crap Unity 

Symbols, these symbols what can they mean?
The circle of stars with emptiness in between?
Is it the halo around the head of centralized power
of men and their dreams of a market that's free?
Is it the tie that binds as all others cower
as the gates of the slums read work makes freedom?
Symbols, red white blue yellow green
swastikas or stars and bars, it's all the same shit to me
Are we so far removed from fascism's vision
of one-world-culture and economy?
How easily forgotten is history's lesson
and what it can mean for you and for me

The Bike Militia

U-locks by our sides, we're hitting the town
Power-crazed motorist is gonna frown
windsheilds, mirrors, kicked-in doors
face down, eating street
You know what for?
We've had enough of you threatening our lives
with wheels and steel and clouds of black
Prepare to die! The Bike Mitilita has now declared:
All Out Attack!
Think of the millions who met their end
smashed across the grill of a Mercedes-Benz
The biking batallions are here to heal
the four-wheeled disease: the automobile
Nothing in the world could stop this rage
Grovel! Cel-phone shattered. We want a
Victory in blood. Pray to your lord
Bring me the head of Henry Ford

Dogs Out of Rock

I am a dog and this sound is very 
uncomfortable for my delicate canine ears

In Memory of...

Six billion each year
Sixteen million each day
11,500 each minute

The Cop Corpse Bonfire

Oh mother why are you so sad on this bright Mayday morn
when working folks can all be glad of the land where they were born?
Oh son you see, I've memory of a far off distant day
when being just a punk like you, I laid some pigs to waste
Where are those chumps, those lifeless clumps,
Those murderers, theives, those liars?
I saw the stache burning to ashe
all along the cop corpse bonfire
'Twas thoughts of those who fought and died from Soweto to L.A.
I couldn't cry as those fuckers fried with uniforms ablaze
With food and song we sang along and kept warm through the night
Baton and gun melted as one until the morning light
Where are those chumps, those lifeless clumps,
those murderers, theives, those liars?
They're now a thousand feet of burning meat
all along the cop corpse bonfire
A bunch of dead guys now carbonize
all along the cop corpse bonfire... oi!


Flew into Gatwick one August morn
with guitar, bike, big ass suitcase in tow
The guard at the desk said she sure adored my story
She said "Tonight you'll be sharing your tale and a cell
with a Bosnian refugee"
Excuse me ma'am you don't understand, I've come to see my Love
Her English stare, ruthlessly stern, then forced me quick to learn
just what immigration means
The cockney prick with the big fucking stick warns me to
"watch the blacks, son"
I'm cracking jokes with my friends on the phone, running laps
in the courtyard and talking with the deportees
Tomorrow morning they'll be shipping me home with a guard on each arm
Your country sucked now I'm shit out of luck and alone
and crying in my plane-food
Excuse me ma'am, you don't understand deportation land,
the blood you've shed and the lives you ruined
The stains are on your hands
Now I know what immigration means

The Chip Mills of Appalachia

Take a look around
everything you see is a wasteland
Deforested and brown
One new mill that came to town shut the other 5 down
and the locals try to asses the situation
Chip mills in the Smokeys
laying waste to Appalachia
and the roar of the saw is deafening
We've all lost the land and our jobs
as the view from the mountain becomes sickening
Is it not the same as 6 counties ago
when they crept their way down the Allegheny?

Ode to Employee Theft

Cover my ears, close my eyes
'cause they're standing on my throat again
On to wage slavery's demise!
It's up to you and me, my friend
I can't stand another day of eat, sleep, work all night
as the hands just creep on by
We've found another way to combat that new reich
and stuffed our pockets so full
prepare to be robbed blind...

Those Locked Away

Everyday that we walk the streets
millions are rotting in their prison cells
the occupational forces elite
Divide and they'll rule our global dissent
I still remember those locked away
for daring to educate or liberate or agitate
I remember the numbers for names
who dared to be poor in a rich man's police state
Where's the justice for Leonard Peltier?
Where's the justice for Mumia Abu-Jamal?
I was barely 12 when they bombed their house in Philly
shot up their children and torched the MOVE family
9 freedom fighters now locked up for life
still sit there today while police walk free
Your daughter's death is some price to pay
for speaking of liberty, freedom, autonomy
A trial's now a parody and punishment, brutality
F.O.P.= immunity and justice is a travesty

Customer Service Nightmare (Employment is the Opiate of the Masses)

How can I lick your boots?
How can I kiss your ass?
I've grown to love the common customer and company life
with glowing face and empty head, I'll learn to beg and bow
I woke up here with my friends, unemployed and smiling

Liberal Scum

"I've been concerned with the welfare of the poor man
  seen the starving millions in TV land
  I'm rocking the vote and giving lots of money
  it's not my fault. You can't fucking blame me at all"
Die Liberal Scum
Your heads will roll come the great day
Die Liberal Scum
Your white privelege reeks of disease and decay

The War Tonight

Listen for all we know, we may not last much longer
Throw the reason away, I will kill no one
High treason- the one who shouts out loud
the flag is unfurled
this time our leader's heads are in the clouds
We're the cops of the world
The Corporations grow
Our prophets get so high
We'll get our share god knows
For all we care the troops can die
High treason-the one who shouts out loud
the news will begin
this time our leader's heads are in the clouds
God damnit, we will win
We don't mind the war tonight

How Would You Fucking Like It?

Innocent lives beaten and shot down
Burmese civilians buried in mass graves
How would you fucking like it?
Chased to the hills and then marked for death:
students, workers, intellectuals
How would you fucking like it?

What You Don't Consume

They worked in boxes to sever ties
to dominate our lives
It's not the sum of public rage
that multinationals obey
I see the third world that we betray
but fund the murder anyway
it's not the sadness you display
when we talk of future days
As enterprise leads us astray
it's what you don't consume today
Militant boycott will undermine
every corporate crime

A Problem of Olympic Proportions

Olympic decadence rears its head
There is a place in which you dare not tread
there is a city too busy to care
What can we do with those who live there
Without a home? You're without a prayer. In jail!
Thousands are victims of displacement
in exchange for two weeks entertainment
This trend which knows no isolation
is an experiment in degradation

A Name and Face

Zeros-countless dead in this faceless genocide
Heroes-Yankee thugs in the villages tonight
It's time to assign a name and face
Where will we lay the blame for each atrocity?
How can we let them maintain anonymity?
It's time to assign a name and face

Industrial Carpet bagging

America's northeast industrial powers have long had
their eye on the southeast's empoverished condition
They view the region as a source of cheap labor
and lax environmental regulation
Industrial Carpetbagging!
With Kmart and Walmart destroying the countryside
While paving the poor they have sent wealth in
a northward direction
Our third world at home by the name Appalachia
are now victims of unequal distribution


Your profession will die when people begin to realize
their suffering is a monstrosity
To me animal heirarchy means myth, death, blasphemy
I don't want your 20.5
Refuse to use innocent blood for more life
I don't need your 20.5
No hands to fight, No voice with which to scream
You'd put them through hell
Eyes sewn shut, thrown down the stairwell
How do you kiss your kids Goodnight?

Bike Punx!

Trash the El Camino because the kids are ready to ride
Go two-wheeled disaster! Shout it out: Bike Pride!
Pissing every car off, We'll call them nasty names
Extend the middle finger and ride in every lane
Bike Punx!
With freedom on our minds and wrenches in our hands
fuck highway construction
Let's go take the land
We'll peddle through the cities
this war-cry we will send
when internal combustion meets the bitter end
Bike Punx!

Imperial Monetary Fiasco (The World Bank Song)

We took the land away and gave them factory farms
We plundered each economy with our imperialist swords
and bled them into debt
They will speak the language of NAFTA, GATT, EC
in every shanty-town
Dismantle the World Bank and let us smile as we burn it down
Every single day they'll slave in open cast mines
We'll flood the indigenous land with hydro-electric dams
and send the profits west
They'll speak the language of degradation in every shanty-town
Sink the ship of greed and let us sing as injustice drowns
Should they control you or condemn you to death?
Should they exploit you to support the I.M.F.?

Abyss of Mass Culture?

How can you accept this abyss of mass culture
with strip malls and artificial stimuli to feed upon?
And what of this entertainment?
Whose tastes are catered to?
Just think of all we could learn.
Think of all we could do

Falling Short

You're always out there screaming
they only fall upon deaf ears
With every ounce of anger seething, ask the things
no one chooses to hear
See it there now and I'm here falling short
Media lies- alternatives are only shut out
Cold and away
Stipulations so persistent
Our nationality's disgrace
Inadequate and distant
Justifies our decadence and waste
What a crock it always seems and then you leave it
cold and away

Angry White Promise Keepers

If you're like me you're someone who likes to fuck and dash
the cat's away the mouse will play
If you're like me you're someone whohas got the spending cash
to run around but takes time to pray
If you're like me you're someone who is a family man
who aint afraid to say that "might makes right"
If you're like us you must think that we will win the day
White Christian men, we're gonna stand and fight!
If you're like me you're someone who likes the wife at home
who don't like her talkin', keeps her all alone
If you're like me you're someone who is a manly man
who'd rather dream of God and Holy lands
If you're like us than you can go fill a stadium
of guys who wouldn't mind a big high-five
If we keep growing then soon you'd better watch your ass
White men have only got a right to life

Break The Blackout

One dark December 20th in '89
U.S. invasion saw Panama's sorrow
Corporate denial had it's stranglehold on news of dissension so strong
Break the Blackout
Sing! They sang a murderous song in Guatemala
The people who foot the bill can't hear that tune
If you document an ounce of truth they'd surely cut it out
The light hurts these eyes:
Ted Turner's lies

Rod Coronado-Freedom Fighter

Rod fought them tooth and nail
Rod was a visionary
Rod sits today in jail
silenced for now but maybe
we'll live to see the day
when everything he fought for
becomes reality because behind every locked door lies
a suffering animal whose right to exist is denied
Rod brought the whalers down
He struggled to free his people
He crept in without a sound
A prisoner with no equal
But soon there will come a day when everything he fought for
becomes reality because behind every locked door lies
a racist history, a chapter still full of lies...

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